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  • Do you use a set group of musicians?
    Yes, we are a band made up of friends who have played together for years. This gives us a musical chemistry that you will not find from music agencies who hire musicians to make up the band. This results in bands made entirely of musicians that haven’t played together and may even meet for the first time when they arrive on the gig! We rehearse and perform together on a regular basis. On rare occasions when one of the core members is unavailable to perform we will use our substitutes. We consider our substitutes as members of the band. They are not only professional musicians but also friends we trust. We have prepared them ahead of time to play all of our material to the level where clients can not hear the difference.
  • How much do you charge?
    Depending on the options you choose, the location and date of your event, the rate varies. Please contact us with information about your event so that we can give you the best price possible. We will provide you with some options to choose from and will work with you to find the best fit. Please go to our contact page and send us an inquiry. Jonathan will follow up with you with a price quote and answer any questions you might have.
  • What makes your band better than the rest?
    We are all seasoned and highly trained musicians and singers. We have years of experience under our belts as individuals and as a band. We formed this group and chose the members specifically to create a sound that is different than your typical wedding band. We wanted to avoid the “cheesy” factor that you often find in wedding bands. We respect the music we play and work hard at recreating the authentic sound of the originals. Many times people comment on how much it sounds like the record. You cannot substitute for raw talent and Shine has the best singers and musicians in the business. We perform with energy and joy, which is infectious, resulting in dancing fun for everyone. However, you need more than just a great band to put together a successful event. We take pride not only in our music but the service we provide. Our ability to easily work with clients and vendors sets us apart even more. We are attentive, conscientious, and well organized and focus on making the planning process fun and easy. We understand that our clients have a vision for their events and our job is to help facilitate this with the highest level of professionalism.
  • Do you ever play for the public where we can come see you?
    We highly recommend you come see us play! We play public shows for clients to come see and meet with us. Please check out the "dates" page for up-coming gigs. It has been our experience that when a client sees us perform live they immediately want to hire us. You will not only witness the energy and love we have for playing but how people react to it. We take pride in packing the dance floor and keeping them there all night.
  • What does the band typically wear?
    The male members all wear black dress shirts and black ties or will all wear white dress shirts, black ties, and black suits or vests. The female members wear black gowns. If you prefer something different please let us know. We can dress more casual if it fits the overall feel of your wedding or event.
  • How much time do you need for set up and tear down?
    We typically start setting up at least two hours before the guests arrive and then require an additional hour at the end of your reception in order to pack up our equipment. Our rule is to be set up and sound checked at least 30 minutes before the guests arrive. We remove all extra equipment and cases and will be out of the way before the starting time of your event.
  • Do you require a meal for the band members?
    It is not required but we do ask that a simple meal be provided for the band members. The reason being is that if you add set up time, a typical six-hour reception, and tear down, it ends up being a long night. If food is not going to be available we ask that you let us know so we can prepare.
  • How much room do you need and do you require a stage?
    We would appreciate a space 24 feet wide and 12 feet deep be provided, however, we will do our best to fit into whatever space is available. Having enough space for the band has not been an issue. We are flexible and will make it work! We do not require a stage.
  • Will you perform outdoors?
    We have played outdoors on many occasions and require a covered area where we set up. If we are setting up on the ground we require that the set up area be dry. None of our electrical equipment can come into contact with anything wet. In the event of a thunderstorm, we reserve the right to pause performing as soon as lightning is seen or thunder is heard.
  • Do you require a deposit and what are your payment terms?
    We require a $500 deposit upon the signing of the contract and the remaining balance be paid a week before the event date. Our band manager, Jonathan, will assist you through the process and provide detailed instruction.
  • Will you learn a requested song?
    Yes! Let us know what you would like to hear and there is a very good chance we will be able to play it for you!
  • Do you have a horn section?
    We have a fantastic horn section that can accompany the seven piece band. Horns add a lot of energy and excitement to the songs we play. Our horn players are the best around and are highly trained professionals. Ask us about adding the horns for your event!
  • Do you take band breaks?
    We typically take two short breaks throughout the night depending on the schedule of the event. We like to take our band breaks when there are other activities going on such as speeches where no music is required. Our breaks last only 15-20 minutes each but we will provide complimentary DJing during this time so the music doesn’t stop. We do not like to interrupt the momentum and energy of the night so we plan our breaks carefully.
  • Do you use substitute musicians?
    We will only use substitute players when one of the core members is unable to perform. These substitutes are prepared to fill in, know the material, and have already played with us. We have committed a lot of time in preparing our substitute musicians so if a core member is unavailable the performance goes on flawlessly.
  • Do you provide announcing or emceeing for weddings?
    We are happy to provide all the emceeing for your wedding if needed. We work closely with you and the vendors to ensure the event flows nicely. We work directly with you and/or your planner to make sure we have all the details and scheduling in advance. We like to be prepared so things run smoothly and are flexible if changes need to be made. We write a schedule that we follow based on all the details you provide and email it to you prior to the event to get your final approval.
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